Sunday, July 10, 2011


Because of incredibly unfortunate events, we had to give up our temporary bundle of joy, SooYo. Korean's seem to despise cats. I can partly understand it because cats here are often street animals that are dirty, underfed, and usually have half of a tail because of the hard life they live on the street... SooYo was a very fickle cat. She loved to jump to anywhere that seemed high, even if that meant knocking over everything in her path and falling at least 3 times before she landed on top of the fridge. Toilet paper was her favorite thing to chew up (which quickly found a new location in the cabinet) Even though we only had her for 2 months, I built a strong bond with the little kitty and was crushed when we were told that either the cat had to go, or we had to find a new place to live. 

Some of my favorite SooYo pictures:

To sooth my sadness from being kitty-less, I went to a place where a friend said you could play with cats!!! Wait for it......

This is a place where you literally order a coffee or juice, and can play with cats for as long as you want! These cats are very well cared for. The cafe was nearly spotless, odorless, and inviting!! My favorite part about my trip to the cat cafe was the menu- 

1. Don't feed the cats
2. Don't touch sleeping cats
3. Camera- no flash
4. Don't hug the cats tightly

How amazing is this!?!?!? I'm sure rule #5 meant to say- "Don't bother the cats that are eating" but I couldn't help laughing uncontrollably when reading this!

My favorite little kitty... He was playful, and yet cuddly! 

While this temporarily soothed my neediness for an animal, it didn't quite feel the same... There is a bond that is formed from animals that are "yours" and this was simply missing from this experience. Next week... The Cat AND Dog cafe!!!! 

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