Friday, April 29, 2011

You know you're in Korea when...

Installment #1:

You know you're in Korea when:

  • The pictures never look like the food you ordered
  • Rice is served at every meal
  • Coffee is instant and no more than 5 ounces
  • There is exercise equipment in parks
  • There are sales ladies in every aisle in Lotte Mart
  • You can bring your own food and alcohol to any sporting event
  • No one actually stops at a red light 
  • Turn signals are optional
  • Kimchi is like breathing. You have to do it everyday.
  • Your bathroom is always wet.
  • You think that scooterists are the craziest people alive and have a death wish
  • Children go to school for 11 hours a day
  • Your washer sings to you
  • Pizza comes with sweet potato, potato, and always corn
  • It's more expensive to buy a plate of fried chicken and fries than it is to buy a 3 course healthy meal of meat, vegetables, rice, kimchi, soup, radish, lettuces, salad, 2 deviled eggs, a fish cake, AND a bottle of soju
  • You can get hammered drunk on 2 bottles of soju for a grand total of $3
  • 4G internet speed
  • It's okay to hug and tickle your students
  • You don't use a knife, but scissors instead
  • You always carry tissues with you because you never know if there is going to be TP
  • You go in a public restroom and find 3 people brushing their teeth
  • You don't flush toilet paper.... (It took me a week and an embarrassing email to a friend to figure this out)
  • You use the phrase "Same-Same" when asking people questions or when ordering food
  • Become a master at charades... Example: When looking for the impossible kitty litter, I took a bag of cat food to a sales lady, pointed at the cat, meowed, and started scratching and lifting up my leg like I was trying to a pee... Mission was unsuccessful. She said I could use the food for cat litter. Fail. 
  • A pizza from Pizza hut is $24

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